Monday, February 27th, 2017

Massachusetts Veterans Oral History Project

The Massachusetts Veterans Oral History Project (MVOHP) is a unique statewide project that will capture, document, preserve, and protect the individual oral histories of those men and women from the Commonwealth who served honorably in the armed forces of their country. Additionally, the project will compile the oral histories of Gold Star families. The MVOHP will create important historical resources for research, teaching, and public programs while at the same time providing veterans and their families with permanent recordings of veterans and their experiences

Currently, we have 385,000 veterans residing in the Commonwealth. This is a rapidly aging population. It is expected that by 2030 we will have only 170,000 veterans residing in Massachusetts. We are losing approximately 12,647 veterans annually. We have an obligation to document their individual stories while we can. Each oral history that we obtain becomes a memorial not only to that individual veteran but to all veterans. And this is a living “memorial” that not only honors our hero veterans but one from which we can all learn.

The Massachusetts Veterans Oral History Project is a partnership between Home of the Brave, Inc., Military Friends Foundation and the Massachusetts National Guard.