Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Military Friends Foundation Launches Take 5, Give $5 Campaign


Massachusetts Tax Check-Off 32E Supports Guard, Reservists, & Fallen Heroes

BOSTON – With a new YouTube video and posters available in town halls across the Commonwealth, the Military Friends Foundation has launched a multimedia “Take 5, Give $5” initiative during the 2012 tax preparation season to bring awareness to the needs of local military families. The “Take 5, Give $5” Campaign highlights Question 32E-Massachusetts Military Family Relief Fund on the Massachusetts State Income Tax Form, where people can make a voluntary contribution of $5 or more when filing their annual taxes.

“It could be your relative, your neighbor, your colleague who was called to duty – these heroes and their families sacrifice to keep us safe. We are asking taxpayers to take five minutes to honor this service and give $5 or whatever they can. A contribution during tax time helps support a wide range of services year-round, including emergency travel, scholarships, homecoming events, job fairs and much more, right here in Massachusetts,” said Sarah Keller-Likins, Executive Director of the Military Friends Foundation.

Military Friends Foundation is the only non-profit directly charged by the State to care for all citizen soldiers. The organization administers the Massachusetts Military Family Relief Fund, which was created by the state legislature after September 11, 2001, to enable citizens to directly recognize and support military families in their own community. It has provided more than half a million dollars in grants to local military families in more than 300 cities and towns in Massachusetts.

The parents and sister of Fallen Hero Army Sgt. Michael J. Kelley from Scituate, MA, are featured in the video, discussing their experience with Military Friends Foundation and the challenges that face many Massachusetts military families. The “Take 5, Give $5” poster was designed and created by One Tree Marketing in Haverhill, MA. To download a pdf of the poster, please click here.


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