Sunday, July 22nd, 2018


Each year the Military Friends Foundation seeks to adopt a National Guard or Reserve Unit based in Massachusetts. The Military Friends Foundation is proud to have an opportunity to directly recognize the service of our local Service Members. The program is designed to lend support directly to Service Members in a particular Unit throughout a 12 month period. As part of the Adopt-A-Unit program, the unit selected receives a grant up to $10,000 to support mission of togetherness.

Funding for this program comes from Question 32E on the Mass. State Tax Form (Mass. Military Family Relief Fund voluntary contributions check-off box) and the generosity of private donors.

The Adopt-A-Unit recipient Commander assigns military personnel to serve as a coordinator between the Unit and the Military Friends Foundation. The coordinator and Foundation will work together on a monthly basis. They will work in conjunction to identify ways to expend the grant to serve the Unit as a whole and that are consistent with the Foundation’s mission.  The grant will typically be expended for three or more programs throughout the year. The Unit’s Command will reach out in various ways to the Unit and their family about the Adopt-A-Unit program to raise awareness and education about the program.

The Adopt-A-Unit recipient is responsible for securing their family, friends and supporters to attend a special awards ceremony in the unit’s honor The Adopt-A-Unit recipient will serve as the public face of this program for 12 months and works to support future Adopt-A-Unit recipients.


2015-2016 Adopt-A-Unit Recipient, the Massachusetts National Guard 1060th Transportation Company

 2014 Adopt-A-Unit Recipient, the Massachusetts National Guard’s 379th Engineer Company

Learn more about the 2011-12 Adopt-A-Unit Recipient, the Massachusetts National Guard’s 1-182 Infantry Battalion

Learn more about the 2010-11 “Adopt a Unit” Recipient, the Massachusetts National Guard’s 1058th Transportation Company of Hingham.



  • Massachusetts National Guard Unit or Reserve Unit based in Massachusetts.  A preference may be given to Units who have a majority of members who reside in Massachusetts.
  • The Unit will be currently deployed or have been deployed since September 11, 2001 in a force protection mission.

Application Instructions:

  • A Service Member, family of a Service Member, military leader, community leader, or other Unit supporter may nominate a Unit.
  • Please complete the 2-page Military Friends Foundation “Adopt-A-Unit” nomination application [Download an application].  Please attach additional documents as needed.
  • The 2017 application deadline is August 1st


 Download the Adopt-A-Unit Application Packet